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New York Academy of Art (NYAA) Professional Practice Lecture Series

In 2009, after a year of Professional Practice classes, the NYAA decided to implement a regular series of conversations with Senior Critic, Sharon Louden, who organized, moderated and interviewed participating guests.

The NYAA Professional Practice Lecture Series is a series of casual conversations designed to provide students with professional advice from experts in the art world and beyond who share information on many different topics. The content discussed is meant to reveal information not readily accessible in other formats (classroom, press, etc.).

The format of these talks is casual and relaxed, often lively, but always rigorous, active, and extremely informative. The format is similar to that of a relaxed "talk show"-like program, where Sharon Louden engages with panelists in front of an audience, asking them questions that direct the conversation. After approximately 45 minutes of interviewing, Louden opens the discussion to audience members so that they may ask questions and participate in a dialogue with the panelists. Finally, audience members are encouraged to meet the panelists after the discussion concludes.

Our hope is that with these 1 1/2 hour long visits, the NYAA graduate students, alumni, and interested public may be inspired to develop tools that can help them prosper in the art world and beyond. Past luminaries who have participated include: Randy Cohen, Robert Storr, Ken Johnson, Carter Foster, Roberta Smith, Jerry Saltz, Ann Pasternak, and Laura Hoptman, to name but a few. These conversations are recorded, free, and open to all who wish to attend. The program is widely advertised to students and the general public, and each panel is recorded on video. There is no preparation needed, since there are no projections, powerpoints or visuals during these conversations.

Video recordings of many of the conversations can be viewed on the NYAA Vimeo channel.

For further information and a current schedule, please visit the NYAA website.

Past guests have included the following, with links to each available video:


  • Matthew Deleget in conversation with Franklin Boyd
  • Kimberly Drew on Social Media
  • Hrag Vartanian, Editor-in-Chief and Co-founder of Hyperallergic and Jason Andrew of Norte Maar
  • Scott Rothkopf, Chief Curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art


  • A conversation with Nato Thompson, Artistic Director at Creative Time. (video)
  • A conversation with Critics: Jillian Steinhauer, Katy Diamond Hamer, Andrianna Campbell and Julia Wolkoff. (video)
  • A conversation with Kathy Grayson, Owner of The Hole. (video)
  • Helen Toomer in conversation with Matthew Deleget: "Art Fairs." (video)
  • Allison Hawkins and Shervone Neckles from the Joan Mitchell Foundation in conversation with Matthew Deleget: "The Nomination Granting Process." (video)
  • Tim Doud and Zoe Charlton: "Pedagogy and Collaboration." (video)
  • Harry Philbrick and Jodi Throckmorton from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Museum: "The Director and The Curator." (video)
  • Laura Skoler, collector and board member of the New Museum: "The Collector." (video)


  • Leslie Gerber-Seid, Lacy Davisson Doyle, and Emily Santagelo: "A Conversation with the Consultants." (video)
  • Sam Trioli and Angelina Gualdoni: "Artist-owned and Directed Galleries," moderated by Matthew Deleget. (video)
  • Andrew Russeth, Carol Kino, Benjamin Sutton and Ben Davis: "A Conversation with the Critics." (video)
  • Steven Henry, Director, Paula Cooper Gallery: "A Conversation with Steven Henry."
  • Meredith Rosen and Allegra LaViola of Sargent's Daughters. (video)



  • Roberta Smith, The New York Times Art Critic: "Art Criticism Today"
  • Randy Cohen, author, playwright, former Ethicist for the New York Times, and current Creator and Host of Person, Place, Thing: "The Ethics of Being an Artist" (video)
  • Hrag Vartanian, Christopher Howard, and Lilly Wei, "Talk to the Critics"
  • Martha Schwendener, Writer and Critic, The New York Times: "Advice From a Critic" (video)
  • Anne Goodyear, Ph.D, Associate Curator, National Portrait Gallery; Professorial Lecturer, George Washington University: "Working With Museums" (video)
  • Magda Sawon (Owner and Director, Postmasters Gallery in TriBeCa), Dennis Christie (Co-Owner, DCKT Gallery), Stephanie Theodore (Owner and Director, Theodore: Art, Bushwick, Brooklyn): "On Galleries" (video)
  • Chris Cook, Executive Director, Cannonball, Miami, FL: "Working with Non-profit Organizations and Residencies" (video)
  • Jonathan T.D. Neil, Director of the Sotheby's Institute of Art, Los Angeles: "The Value of Art"
  • Lisa Anastos (Founder and CEO of ARThood, Philanthropist in the Arts) and Matthew Deleget (Artist, Director/Owner of MINUS Space, Curator and Consultant): "Ask The Doctors - Exhibition Alternatives, Approaching a Collector, and Other Issues" (video)
  • Murat Orozobekov, Co-Owner of Winkleman Gallery, New York, NY: "Obtaining Sponsorship" (video)
  • Don Kimes, Professor of Art, American University, Washington, DC, and Artistic Director in the Visual Arts, Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, NY: "Pedagogical Issues, Teaching Art, and Teaching Positions for Artists"
  • Phil Rosenbloom, Partner, Bearence Management Group, Twin Cities: "On Collecting" (video)


  • Robert Storr, Art Historian, Curator and Dean of the Yale School of Art: "A Talk With Robert Storr"
  • Adam Sheffer, Partner, Cheim and Read Gallery, NYC: "Galleries, Art World"
  • Benjamin Genocchio, Editor in Chief, "Taking the pulse of the art world - Art Criticism and the Press" (video)
  • Adrienne Outlaw and Michelle Grabner, Artist and Founder of Seed Space & Artist and Founder of Poor Farm and The Suburban, respectively: "Non-profit Orgs/Alternative Spaces"(video)
  • Alan Bamberger, Consultant, "The Artist Statement" (video)
  • Stephanie Pereira, Director, Art Program of Kickstarter: "Introduction to Kickstarter" (video)
  • Brian Bishop, Artist and Professor of Art, Framingham State College: "Pedagogy" (video)
  • Josh Baer, Writer and Publisher of "What's Happening in the Art World Today" (video)
  • Dede Young, Gallery Director, Gallerie LeLong: "Working With a Gallery" (video)
  • Ellen Harvey, Amanda Church, Tony Ingrisano, & Blane de St. Croix, Artists: "Living a Sustainable Creative Life" (video)
  • Paddy Johnson, Founding Editor of Art Fag City: "Blogs, Online Magazines, & Contemporary Art Criticism" (video)
  • Steven Sergiovanni, Director, Mixed Greens, New York City: "Galleries, Art World" (video)


  • Ken Johnson, Critic, The New York Times: "Conversation With Ken Johnson" (podcast)
  • Walter Robinson, Artist and Former Editor of "Reviews and the Critic"
  • Michael Straus, Collector and Chairman of the Board, Andy Warhol Foundation: "Collecting"
  • Anne Pasternak, Director, Creative Time: "Alternative Projects"
  • Melissa Potter, Director of Book and Paper Program, Columbia College, Chicago, IL: "Fulbrights" (podcast)
  • Carter Foster, Curator of Drawings, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY: "Working With Museums" (podcast)
  • Bill Carroll (Former Art dealer, Consultant, and Current Head of EFA studio program) & Dennis Christie (Gallery owner, DCKT Gallery, New York, NY): "Galleries" (podcast)
  • Joel and Sherry Mallin, Collectors: "Collecting" (podcast)
  • Susan Schear, President, ARTISIN: "Writing a Business Plan" (podcast)
  • Steven Goldglit, Managing Partner of Goldlit & Company: "Taxes and Bookeeping for the Artist" (video)
  • Sharon Butler, Artist, Writer, Blogger: "Blogs and Social Media" (podcast)
  • Gigi Rosenberg, Author of "Artist's Guide to Grant Writing": "Grant Writing" (video)
  • Austin Thomas, Artist & Curator: "Pop-ups and Curating"




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